Now Let Us Pray

Whether you believe it or not, whether you practice it or not, whether you believe there is a God that answers prayers or not, Prayer still remains a wonderful mystery. It places you in a state of a higher awareness and consciousness that as you close your eyes or go down on your knees you are interceding or making supplication on behalf of yourself or other mankind. It makes you invincible giving you the authority to change what is natural just by focusing your concentration beyond the natural. It fills you with a sense of purpose, having this feeling that you are connecting with your root, the very essence of your existence. We all feel safe and elated in the place of prayer and our faith multiplies in a forest-path-free-license-cc0-980x649cloud of glory we cannot see but is tangible and can be sensed. In the place of prayers we boost our faith and every little abstract quality we need to succeed in the race of life. It is important to know that man was created to pray. Prayer is a means of communication between a man and someone superior in class, power and authority. There is always this emptiness and longing in a man to isolate from the noise and business of life to commune with a higher presence. Prayer is not a religious routine as we all believe. All of us have prayed several times in words or in thoughts. Man may deny the existence of God but he believes in mystery something he doesn’t understand nor explain. He believes in a supernatural strength in which he leaves his fate to. At that point when he feels so weak and vulnerable he finds himself praying. At that point when he has done everything natural to change a situation, you find him full of faith praying for a miracle. In moments like this you find the heart of men united, locked in one faith singing and chanting praying song having same thoughts waiting for a miracle; something supernatural to change the cause of things. Most times especially in my weakest moment I remember I have a father in heaven and I call out to him. I find peace, strength and comfort. Sometimes I just want to speak to God and not mortals. I also do enjoy that privilege. Fresh revelation, insight and light hit my spirit afterwards. Remind yourself always that you have an access to a spiritual portal through prayers.


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